Medical material from the company INVAZ Ltd.

The company INVAZ Kocléřov Ltd., produces textile material for Health Care and industry. It mainly focuses on bandages, gauze and gauze products, swabs, sheets of cellulose wadding, but also e.g. triangular bandages made of 100% cotton or pads for sick patients. The company is one of the last manufacturers of dressing materials in the Czech Republic which produces high-quality cotton bandages in various lengths and widths according to customer`s requirements.

INVAZ Ltd. also manufactures a medical device called TECASORB compression, a unique product for the treatment of various wounds, which thanks to its unique manufacturing technology significantly accelerates healing and reduces pain sensation of the patient. Another important product of the Tecasorb series are sterile carbon adhesive plasters which contribute greatly to the improvement of life quality of patients on dialysis - reduce the time of "pressing", accelerate wound healing after removing the dialysis needles and reduce the pain.

INVAZ Company Ltd. is a major employer of disabled people. More than 70% of the total number of employees are handicaped people. There is also a sheltered workshop in the company`s headquarters which is run in cooperation with the Labour Office.

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