A male diabetic patient after repeated amputations

A male diabetic patient after repeated amputations – on the left in the metatarsal area, on the right – on the second, fourth and fifth toe

On both extremities defects developed on the soles due to malum perforans pedis.

  1. Before applying Tecasorb it is necessary in some patients to remove hyperkeratosis from the adjacent area (as it decelerates healing) with sterile tools  – scissors and forceps
  2. The adjacent skin is covered with a thin layer of indifferent ointment (in this case camphor ointment)
  3. Tecasorb dressing is applied
  4. Hydrophilic bandage is applied on top
  5. The same procedure is applied on the other leg
  6. Compression bandage is not applied in this type of defects!

The patient is recommended to wear diabetic shoes or made to measure orthopaedic footwear


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