Tecasorb HT

 Tecasorb HT

Product : Compressions are made of several layers.The top layer is made of a nonwoven fabric - a mixture of viscose and polypropylene, underneath it there is is a layer composed of gauze, it is followed by a complete Tecasorb compression and the last layer is modified cotton Hcel HT, which is the interface with the wound. The whole system is thermally fixed on the sides so as to form a coherent pad.

Application : Compressions Tecasorb HT are suitable for wound dressing, they have a high aspirating cardinality and their inner layer made of the carbon core has not only deodorant properties but also a high diverting power, so it perfectly cleans the wound from dangerous bacteria. The interface made of modified cotton Hcel HT is very gentle to the wound, reduces pain and promotes overall well-healing effect of this product.

Size: Compression is produced in size of 10 cm x 10 cm, packaged into paper coated with polyethylene or in a polyethylene bag. The product is sterilized by gamma irradiation .





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