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The company was founded on 15 April, 2003 to provide work for disabled people. Today it employs about 70% of disabled workers, who work from their homes, where they make large envelopes, and partly in the company's headquarters, where medical devices are produced by them in cooperation with other employees.


Another company activity is a business activity focused also on medical devices and manufacturing activity in paved papers. Since its foundation, the company has been certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001/2009 and ISO 13 485/2012 and has worked under the supervision of the notified body EZU Prague (Electrotechnical testing institute), number 1014.

skladyOne cannot forget the constant activity in the area of new product development, which is an essential element in the development of the company. The company participated in the development of new Oxycellulose grid, which is used in top surgery; it has developed and continues to work on various modifications of current medical devices to ensure their effectiveness in the treatment is the best one. In the area of bandaging it has developed special bandages used for treatment of lymphedema disorders, nonstick bandages made of VS and PES mixture having a light pad, bandages for first aid, a triangular bandage, and bandages for first aid in case of burns.

The latest development is focused on the area of bandages containing a carbon layer. These are mostly used in treatment of inflammatory purulent wounds. The company also prepares new products using the latest knowledge in this field to be used in surgery. In cooperation with FWDS Research Inc. the company has brought a new product to the market named TECASORB, as the first of a series of such products.


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